fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

4 Ways Fence Contractors Can Fix Stains And Rot On Your Wood Fence

by Emma Kilpela

A well-maintained wood fence can add beauty and security to your property. Maintaining your wooden fence is essential to keep its appeal and functionality intact. Without proper care, stains and rot can develop on the wood, causing unsightly marks and weakening the structure's overall integrity.

Professional fence contractors can help restore these damaged areas with a few repair methods. You should contact a credible contractor immediately if you notice signs of rot or unsightly stains.

Here are four ways fence contractors can fix stains and rot on your wood fence.

Sanding and Clearing

Fence contractors can use sanding techniques to remove stubborn stains and rot from the wood. The solution involves using a power sander to remove any affected area before replacing it with new wood or covering it with a clear sealant.

The power sander will help remove any existing stains and rot from the wood, revealing a clean surface that can be treated. The sealant applied after this process can protect the wood from further damage, restoring its appeal and protecting it from future threats.

Painting or Staining

Stains and rot can also be covered up with paint or stain. If you don't want to replace the entire fence but still want to give it an update, painting or staining is a great option. Fence contractors can recommend vibrant colors that cover up the stains while bringing life to your yard.

The professionals can also use specialized paints and stains for outdoor wood projects like fences to ensure proper protection against moisture and UV rays. The solution is ideal if you're dealing with minor staining and rot.

Chemical Treatment

For those dealing with rot-causing fungi, fence contractors can use chemical treatments to restore the health of the wood. The solution involves using specialized products designed to clear away any existing fungi before treating the wood against future fungal infestations.

The chemical treatment can help protect the wood from further damage and preserve its integrity for years. The solution may require multiple treatments to ensure the complete removal of fungal infestations, so it's best to consult a professional fence contractor.


Finally, replacing the entire wood fence may be necessary if the damage is too severe. For instance, if the rot has spread throughout the entire fence or there are large holes in the wood, replacing it may be the safe option.

A good contractor can help remove and replace sections of your fence that have been severely damaged by stains and rot. The new wood used for replacement should be treated against further damage to ensure its longevity.

Stains and rot can significantly reduce your wood fence's appeal. Whether you want to restore its appearance or protect it from further damage, working with a professional fence contractor is the best way to keep your fence in optimal condition. Schedule an appointment with a contractor near you to discuss repairs and inspection for your wood fence today.

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fencing in the area around your pool

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