fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

Addressing Your Commercial Fence's Storm Damage

by Emma Kilpela

A commercial property's fencing is an essential feature that provides security and aesthetics. However, storm damage can have a significant effect on the integrity of the fencing system. Addressing this damage is crucial in maintaining its effectiveness and preventing further issues.

Understand The Types Of Storm Damage That Fencing Can Experience

Commercial property fencing can be affected by various elements during storms. High winds are one factor that can cause considerable damage due to their forceful impact on fence panels or posts. For instance, wind gusts may dislocate panels from their fittings or bend posts out of position.

Fallen debris during storms can also inflict substantial damage to your fence structure. Heavy branches or entire trees may collapse onto fences due to the strong winds or saturated soil conditions brought about by heavy rainfall. Flooding is another significant concern when it comes to storm-related fence damage. Saturated soil from excessive rainwater causes instability which might result in posts falling or leaning.

Take Immediate Steps To Repair Fence Damage After A Storm

Following a severe weather event, business owners and managers should act swiftly to address any damage to their fences. This should start with a thorough safety inspection of your fence line for hazards like exposed sharp edges or loose sections. These damages should be thoroughly documented to make filing the insurance claim easier. Depending on the extent of the fence damage and the importance of security for your business, you may need to erect temporary fencing to help secure the premises until repairs are complete.

Plan For Long-Term Repair Strategies

After an initial assessment following a storm, you will need to consider more permanent solutions for repairing the damages sustained by your commercial fence. Depending on the severity of the damage, these options may include replacing entire sections or reinforcing weakened posts. If it is necessary to replace sections of your fence, a professional repair contractor can work to ensure the replacement fence will match the original as closely as possible. This can help fully restore your property's appearance after this damage occurs.

Invest In Measures To Prevent Future Storm Damage

Property managers should take several precautions to minimize future storm-related damage to your commercial fencing. Trimming overhanging branches from trees adjacent to fences can reduce the risk of falling debris landing on the fence. Additionally, identify and reinforce weak spots in your fencing system, such as installing additional supports near gates. While it is impossible to completely prevent every type of storm-related damage, implementing these measures can significantly reduce the likelihood and severity of potential damage.

To have your fence inspected, contact a commercial fence repair service in your area.


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fencing in the area around your pool

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