fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

5 Fencing Ideas For Improved Airflow In The Yard

by Emma Kilpela

Stagnant air flow can make your yard uncomfortable and stuffy. Opening up the fencing to allow better air circulation solves the problem. There are a few options for open fencing so that you can provide airflow while not compromising privacy or security. 

1. Vinyl Trellis Fencing

Open trellises are beautiful to look at and they provide a bit of privacy while still allowing air circulation. There are a few options when it comes to vinyl trellis panels. You can have the entire fence made of trellis, which is secured to the top and bottom rails. If you prefer a bit more privacy, then a solid vinyl fence with an upper trellis section can still provide airflow and block the view of nosy neighbors. 

2. Wrought Iron Pickets

Few fencing options are as classic as the wrought iron fence. Modern materials are also available, like aluminum, that mimic the look of wrought iron but at a lower cost and with less ongoing maintenance. Wrought iron provides a fully open picket style that allows for plenty of airflow while still securing your yard. It's best to use wrought iron in locations where privacy is not a priority.

3. Spaced Picket Designs

Spaced or open picket fences leave an inch or more of space between each picket along the rails. This provides some privacy and airflow. The closer the pickets, the more secure the fence. You can also opt for louvered pickets in a spaced design. With this style, the pickets are installed horizontally between posts with a small space between them. 

4. Chain Link Fencing

Much like wrought iron, chain link fences do little to provide privacy but they are quite secure. Chain link is also quite cost-effective and can fit into almost any home improvement budget. You can purchase chain links in standard silver or opt for vinyl-coated varieties in a range of colors. It's also available in a huge range of heights, so it can be as tall as you need. 

5. Offset Board-on-Board

Board-on-board fencing has boards installed on either side of the rails. The offset style features pickets that alternate which side of the rail they are on so that there is room for air to circulate between the layers and into your yard. They can be offset evenly so that you have maximum privacy, or they can be offset with spaces in order to allow more air circulation at a slight loss of privacy.

Contact a fencing installer, such as Foothills Fence Company, to learn more about all the available options for open fencing.


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fencing in the area around your pool

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