fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

Building A Deck? Consider Using Composite Materials Rather Than Natural Wood

by Emma Kilpela

Though the first composite deck materials produced decades ago hastily got a bad rap for their early design flaws, today's composite deck materials create a deck that is safer, longer-lasting, and better for the environment than building a deck with traditional redwood or other natural wood boards. Gone are the plastic-looking composites of old, now replaced by fire-resistant composites with a wide variety of different looks and styles.

If you are on the fence about using composite decking materials to build your home's new deck, then consider each of these aspects of the materials to make the best decision for your situation:

The Price Doesn't Designate the Quality of Composite Decking Materials

When you are looking at composite decking materials and comparing options to each other, it's important to remember that the price doesn't say anything about the quality of the materials. All composite deck boards are made of UV protected plastic composites designed to be scratch-resistant. Primarily, the difference in prices you see are based solely on the texture, color, and style of the materials you choose. Deck materials that look the most like natural wood are often the most expensive options.

Textured Decking Materials Will Trap Dust and Dirt in Their Groves

Composite deck boards look nice when they have a lot of texture, but it's important to note that the groves will trap dust and dirt. This means highly-textured decks require more cleaning and maintenance than decks without as much texture. For some people, this isn't an issue, but if deck cleaning isn't your thing, then stick to boards with less texture.

Even Composite Decks Can Grow Algae, Fungi, and Mold in Shady Areas

Any deck you build in a shady area will be susceptible to growing algae, fungi, and mold. This is just as true for composites as for natural wood. For this reason, it's best to trim trees away from your deck and ensure the entire deck gets some sun each day to prevent biological growth.

Decorative Add-ons Can Greatly Increase the Cost of a Composite Deck

Lastly, it's important to mention that composite decks with designer railing posts, hidden fasteners, and skirting pieces will have a lot higher cost than their more basic cousins. Though composite decks offer you tons of custom options, keep in mind these pieces can really add up especially for a very large deck. So, if you have a smaller budget, keep your eye on the ball and avoid all the excessive pieces.

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fencing in the area around your pool

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