fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

Like The Look But Not The Expense Of Wrought Iron Fencing? A Few Solutions

by Emma Kilpela

Wrought iron fencing can be simple, Gothic, or architecturally beautiful. It readily compliments much older and larger homes, but can still add the decorative touch to any property. You may have already priced wrought iron fences, only to discover that wrought iron is definitely not cheap. Here are a few solutions to this problem so that you can still get the look of wrought iron without the hefty price.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing has recently revolutionized the metal fencing industry. Now you can get just about any style of fencing but made with aluminum. That includes the looks of wrought iron, in any particular pattern you want. Additionally, if you want finials, church arches, or spikes along the top of your aluminum fence, the manufacturers of aluminum fencing can make those for you, too. Custom aluminum fencing services are not unheard of, and they might just be what you want when it comes to fencing.

Hollow Iron Fencing

The reason why wrought iron fencing costs as much as it does is because it is solid iron. It is extremely heavy and quite dense. For a much cheaper price, you can purchase hollow iron fencing. The lesser amounts needed to make the hollow iron fence sections means that the manufacturer has more iron to smelt into more sections of fence. It saves time and money to make, which in turn the lesser cost of production is passed on to consumers in the form of savings.

Faux Iron Finishes on Wood

Here is a new twist on an old fencing material. Wood is carefully crafted, chiseled, and sanded to look like the patterns of a wrought iron fence. Then a special powder coating is applied to the wood to make it look like iron fencing. The result is quite amazing; it looks and feels just like wrought iron painted black, but it is actually wood. The only downside is that the wood will eventually warp, rot, and/or crack and chip, revealing that it is wood and not wrought iron.

Choosing the Fencing Material That Works for Your Budget 

Most of the aforementioned fencing materials cost roughly the same, with all of them costing less than true wrought iron. The biggest points to consider are durability and appearance. The aluminum will never rust or corrode; it will always look like wrought iron. The hollow wrought iron material will rust, which lends itself well to an appearance of authentic wrought iron, but it needs frequent maintenance and repair. As for the wood, it is the least durable of the three.


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fencing in the area around your pool

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