fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

Your New Fence: Know The Law

by Emma Kilpela

Erecting a fence on your property offers you many advantages. You can keep your children and pets restricted to your yard while keeping out unwanted guests. Erecting a fence can also prevent disputes over property lines with your neighbors. However, before you build your fence, you need to research local rules and regulations and come to an agreement with your neighbors.


If necessary, have your property surveyed to find the exact property line. If you build on your neighbor's property, you could find yourself the subject of a civil suit. You might have to tear down your fence and/or come to a financial agreement with your neighbor. Your best course of action is to discuss the fence with your neighbors before you build it. Agreeing on the style and height of the fence will prevent discord down the road. On rare occasions, property owners will build an ugly fence just to irritate their neighbors. These fences are known as "spite fences" and are illegal in some areas. 

If a fence that runs between two properties is used by you and your neighbor, you can both be responsible for maintaining it, no matter who erected it. If your neighbor has enclosed their yard with the help of the shared fence, even if you built it, they should split the cost of repair. In some instances, your neighbor may refuse, meaning you may have to go to mediation or even sue to recover your expenses. 


In most areas, there are height restrictions on fences. Often, the highest fence you can build for a backyard is six feet tall. Also, many areas require that you erect your fence with the "ugly" side facing your home so that your neighbors have the best view. Some neighborhood associations may even dictate the type of fencing you are allowed to use. Before you buy any materials, check out your area's regulations. 

Installing a fence involves more than just having someone build it. You must also make sure that your fencing choices are lawful. You will prevent many problems if you discuss your fence with the neighbors before you begin construction. They usually cannot stop you from building one as long as you do not go over the property line. However, you will keep your neighborhood more harmonious if you take their desires into account. Good fences can make good neighbors if you plan carefully. Click here for more information about chain link fencing.


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fencing in the area around your pool

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