fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

Three Horse Fencing Mistakes To Avoid

by Emma Kilpela

When it comes to the care and protection of your horses and yourself for that matter, the type of fencing you have installed is important. Make sure you understand which fencing mistakes are best to avoid. 

Failing To Discourage Trespassers

Don't choose a fence selection that just confines your horses. You also want to construct a fence that discourages trespassers. This is especially important if your property is in the vicinity of a residential community.

Even if an individual has trespassed illegally on your property, in the event someone accesses your horses and gets kicked or injured in some other manner, you could be held responsible. In this instance, the court could decide that as the responsible party for the horse, your failure to provide sufficient protection for the community is the reason for the injury. An electric fence with a sign that clearly denotes the risk of electrocution is a good place to begin.

Not Choosing A Personalized Height Option

When it comes to the height of a horse fence, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The height of your fence should solely be based on the horses you own. As a general rule of thumb, a fence of an adequate height is one that is as tall as the withers for the tallest horse you own. If you fail to choose a fence based on this, you're basically defeating the purpose of having a fence. Should you own a stallion, it might also be a good idea to go slightly higher given the strength they have. Lastly, while you can sometimes compromise height on an interior fence, such as one for grazing areas, you cannot overlook this with a perimeter fence.

Overlooking Electrical Maintenance

The effectiveness of an electrical fence can be measured by the level of maintenance it receives. Poor maintenance will most often lead to poor results. Make an effort to check the fence frequently. Even a tall growth of weeds or grass is enough to weaken the level of charge the fence has, allowing your horses to easily escape.

If your fence is solar charged, you also want to make sure you are checking the solar panels for any obstructions and keeping them clean. Anything that limits the panels ability to charge will also weaken the fences charge and again limit the protection it offers your horses.

A fence installation specialist (such as one from Rapasadi Fence) can help you choose an appropriate horse fence to best serve the needs of your horses, your property and most importantly, your budget.


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fencing in the area around your pool

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