fencing in the area around your pool

fencing in the area around your pool

Three Alternative Uses For Vinyl Fencing You May Not Have Considered Before

by Emma Kilpela

Vinyl fencing has lots of advantages over its wood counterpart. You can paint it, power-wash it, and replace it cheaply. There are also more unusual uses for vinyl fencing that you may not have considered before. The following uses can make certain areas of your propery more attractive, an unexpected benefit to alternative uses for vinyl fencing.

Garbage Can Enclosures

Whether you experience nightly raids by raccoons and opossums, or you just do not want to see garbage cans every time you pull your vehicle into your driveway, vinyl fencing can be used to create an enclosure around the area where you keep your garbage and recycling containers. If you also want to build a cement platform underneath the cans/containers, then you might want to employ a fencing contractor. He or she can lay down a two squares of cement (about the size of two sidewalk squares) and install vinyl fence panels around the sides of the cement squares. A vinyl gate is attached to one end so that you can open the gate to dispose of your refuse and/or roll your containers to the road on garbage day.

Elevated Garden Enclosures

Another alternative for vinyl fencing is to use it for an elevated garden enclosure. You can take two or three panels of vinyl fencing and cut them in half horizontally. Using either the top halves or the bottom halves of the panels you install them in a sqaure or rectangular formation in your yard. Secure the panels at the four corners and their corner posts. Then inlay the structure with gardening felt or plastic garden liners. Fill with dirt about two-thirds of the way up the sides of the panels and plant whatever you like. In this way you can create an elevated garden free from ground pests like rabbits and the panels match the rest of the fencing surrounding your yard.

Dog Enclosures

If you want your dog's outdoor space to blend in with the rest of the yard, you can use vinyl fencing panels to create a dog enclosure. You can either use panel leftovers from when you installed your fence to create a space for the dog that is separate from the fence itself, or you can attach two panels to a corner of your yard to create the space, thereby utilizing part of the fence as part of the dog's enclosure. Just be sure to place a gate on at least one of the panels of this enclosure so you can place your dog inside and let him or her back out again.


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fencing in the area around your pool

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